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These General Terms and Conditions constitute an offer of a contract between HPME and the User. They can be consulted at any time on the HiPay Website or from the mobile HiPay application. The User may at any time consult them, or from the HiPay Website, reproduce them, store them on his computer or on another medium, send them to himself by e-mail or print them on paper in order to preserve them. The User >The User can also obtain a copy free of charge by post to his address upon express request from HPME.

contributor electronic money or HPME Agent. Certain provisions hereof are specifically applicable to the offer of an Electronic Money Distributor or Agent.

The User, whether a natural person of full age or a legal entity, expressly declares that he/she has the capacity and/or has received the necessary authorisations to use the HiPay Portfolio and guarantees HPME against any action that may result from the consequences of the use of the HiPay Portfolio by a person who does not have these required capacities/authorisations.

By ticking
the box of the registration form indicating his or her acceptance of the present, the User expressly acknowledges that he or she has carefully read and understood the General Conditions in force on the day of acceptance, and that he or she accepts them in full. These General Terms and Conditions constitute the contract between the User and HPME. The User's acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions as indicated above and the version of the General Terms and Conditions thus accepted by the User are stored and archived by HPME in its computer systems in an unalterable, secure and reliable manner.

> and their possible amendments are also available, are an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions and shall be applicable to Users using the Merchant Management and/or Payment Service Functionality of HPME. They follow these terms and conditions.

HPME is entitled to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time and will publish the modified Terms and Conditions directly on the HiPay Website (https://www.hipaywallet.com/info/terms) or on the Agent's or Distributor's website. In the event of a material change to the T&Cs, the new T&Cs will come into force one (1) month after their publication on HiPay's website or on the Agent's or Distributor's website and a concurrent notification will be sent by e-mail to the User. (E-mail address indicatede by the User to HiPay at the time of registration)

The User has one (1) month from the notification to terminate the contract. In the absence of termination by the User, within this period, the User is deemed to have accepted the amended General Terms and Conditions.

ARTICLE 1 - Definitions

The terms used in these General Terms and Conditions shall, when used with the first letter in capital letters and regardless of whether they are used in the singular or plural, have the meaning defined below:

BUYER : >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>

  • AFFILIATE : Affiliate or affiliate account is a User of the HiPay system that is registered by a Merchant under Merchant Management as the recipient of a portion of the amount of a Merchant Transaction. See "Affiliation".

  • AFFILIATION : > Refers to the agreement between two Users, allowing a Merchant, within the framework of Merchant Management, to transfer for each payment received a portion of the amount of a Merchant Transaction to another User's HiPay Account, Merchant or not, pursuant to a commercial agreement between these Users.

  • >AVOIR or BALANCE : Refers to the monetary value of Electronic Money available in a User's HiPay Portfolio, i.e. the nominal value of the funds paid by the User to HPME plus all payments made to the User by using the HiPay Service, minus all payments made by the User using the HiPay Service, all fees, taxes and commissions applied to transactions made using the HiPay Service, as well as E-Money Withdrawals transferred by HPME to the User's bank account.

  • BANQUE DE HPME : > Refers to the Bank in which HPME has opened bank accounts with special allocation dedicated to Electronic Money transactions and HiPay Service payment transactions.

  • PAYMENT BUTTON : >>This is the redirection link to a HiPay Secure Payment Page, which is displayed as a button for the Buyer.

  • COMMAND: Refers to any transaction made by a Buyer with a Merchant and relating to Products offered by the latter.

  • COMPTE HiPay : >All independently refers to a Main Account or a Secondary Account opened by a HiPay Service User, unless the context dictates a different interpretation.

  • MPRIMARY ACCOUNT: > Refers to the account corresponding to the User Space created when subscribing to the HiPay Service, or when strictly identifying the User. Any other account created by the same User from the Main Account will be called a "Secondary Account".

  • SECONDARY ACCOUNT : > Refers to any account created in addition to the Main Account by a User from his User Space. The Secondary Account is linked to the Main Account but may have different characteristics (currencies, access,...) than the Main Account, moreover, its use may be dedicated to a Third Party Beneficiary. The ability to use a SECONDARY ACCOUNT may not be available for the services offered by a Distributor or HPME Agent. The User is invited to refer to the functionalities available on the Personal User Space made available to him/her when contracting through a Distributor or Agent of HPME>.

  • CONTRAT PREMIUM : >The optional contract signed between a Merchant and HPME as part of Merchant Management which aims to define specific pricing and commercial conditions based in particular on the volume of transactions of the Merchant. The premium contract is a component of this contract. It is reserved for certain categories of Merchants and is not available for contracts concluded through the service of a Distributor or Agent .

  • USER AREA or HIPAY PORTFOLIO : > Refers to the personal virtual space of each HiPay Service User. The User Space allows you to manage the main Account and any Secondary Accounts. It is accessible by entering the valid e-mail address provided by the User when subscribing to the HiPay service coupled with the entry of a secret code that only the User knows.

    It also refers to the personal virtual space restricted to a Third Party Beneficiary's Secondary Account, in which case the User Space linked to the Secondary Account is accessible by entering the e-mail address

valid provided by the User when creating this Secondary Account coupled with the entry of a secret code that the Third Party Beneficiary is the only one to know.

The User Space is customized when the subscription is made through a Distributor or HPME Agent.

  • >FUNCTIONALITY OF PAYMENT SERVICE : Refers, for a Merchant, to the virtual space dedicated to the use of the Service's functionalities HiPay allowing HPME to collect payments made by Buyers from said Merchant for the products he wishes to market

  • MARKET MANAGEMENT : In its User Space, the virtual space dedicated to the use of the HiPay Service features to receive payment for Products, based on transactions made in electronic money, that a Merchant wishes to market.

  • MULTICOMPT MANAGEMENT : >Describes the situation in which a User manages several accounts from the same User Space created during the subscription to the HiPay service. The User thus manages a Main Account and one or more Secondary Accounts. Secondary accounts are constrained by the characteristics defined by the User of the Main Account. MULTICOMPT MANAGEMENT may not be available for subscriptions made through of a Distributor or HPME Agent.

  • HI>MEDIA PORTE MONNAIE ÉLECTRONIQUE OR HPME : > Refers to the limited liability company under Belgian law with a capital of 3.200.000 euros, having its registered office at 19 avenue des Volontaires, 1160 Brussels, registered in the register of legal persons under number 0897928802, and approved by the Belgian National Bank (NBB formerly "CBFA"), as an Electronic Money Institution (EME).

  • HiPay ACCOUNT IDENTIFIERS: Refers to the email address provided by the User when creating the HiPay Account and the corresponding password, which provides access to HiPay Account management services and features. This definition also includes HiPay Account IDs specific to each of the Secondary Accounts.

  • KIT MARCHAND : Refers to the APIs (Application Programming Interface) developed by HPME that optimize payments made via the HiPay System by establishing a dialogue with HiPay servers through XML flows or other flow typologies. MARCHAND KITs are advanced devices that allow advanced software integration of HiPay for developers. The implementation of this s integration devices and the associated tests are performed by the Merchant, at his fees, and are his full and entire responsibility. There is a MARCHAND KIT for Merchant Management, and a MARCHAND KIT for the Payment Service Functionality offered by HPME.

  • MAIL OF CONFIRMATION OF PURCHASE: > Refers to the electronic mail confirming the transaction, sent automatically to the User by the HiPay System or by the Agent System or by the Distributor System . This email, which is equivalent to a "Cash register receipt" and includes all the information relating to the purchase that has been communicated to the HiPay System by the Merchant, such as: the Merchant's identity, the description of the Order, the amounts, the date and time as well as the specific payment conditions. The User who made the purchase as part of a transaction with a Merchant adeploying Merchant Management can also find information about the transaction in his User Space.

  • >>Payment Confirmation Mail (PAYMENT NOTIFICATION) : > Refers to the electronic mail confirming payment, sent automatically to the Merchant by the HiPay System or by the Agent System or the Distributor System . This email reminds the Merchant of the essential elements of the transaction with the reference number of the Order.

  • >>MARCHAND : > Refers to a User who uses HPME's Merchant Management or Payment Service Feature to market one or more Products.

  • MARCHAND PREMIUM : > Refers to a Merchant who has subscribed to the Premium Contract allowing him to negotiate derogatory pricing and commercial conditions.

  • > ELECTRONIC CURRENCY : Refers to the Electronic Money issued by HPME against the remittance of funds, representing a receivable from HPME and allowing the use of the HiPay Service made available by HPME on the Operating Platform, in accordance with articles 2 to 5 quater of the Belgian law of 22 March 1993 on the status and supervision of credit institutions and its subsequent versions.

  • PAYMENT PER HiPay ACCOUNT : > Refers to the payment, made using the Available credit note on a HiPay Account, of purchases made by a User from a Merchant as part of Merchant Management. This type of payment does not require the communication of the User's bank details.

  • PAIEMENT DIRECT : Defined in the context of Merchant Management : Payment by HiPay Account when, for the convenience of the User, the supply of electronic money and the Payment transaction are carried out in a synchronized manner.

    For the purpose of the Payment Service Feature offered by HPME, a transaction made by a Buyer outside his HiPay account, directly with a Merchant in using the payment page offered by HPME.

  • PAIEMENT PAR EMAIL : >Market Management refers to the payment request sent to the User by the Merchant, by sending an e-mail containing a clickable link that will redirect the Buyer to a secure Payment Page on the HiPay Website.

    The User will be able to consult on this Payment Page all the information relating to the Order. This Payment Page will allow the User to pay by making a HiPay Account Payment. This service allows a Merchant to collect payments in electronic money for Products sold remotely without the need for a website.

    PAYMENT BY EMAIL is unavailable for Users who subscribe to HIPAY services through an Agent or Distributor.

  • PAYMENT PAYMENTS: >Generically refers to the software design accessible by the User as the Purchaser of a Merchant to enable him to pay for his purchase in Electronic Money issued by HPME, or to make his payment as part of the Payment Service offered by HPME.

  • PARTICULAR: Refers to any User who registers as a natural person in the HiPay Service. The Functionality of Payment Service is not available for individuals.

  • >PLATE>FORM OF OPERATION : Refers to all the software modules of the HiPay Service allowing via the Internet, the management and execution of secure Electronic Money transactions between Users, as well as payment operations without Electronic Money between a Buyer and a Merchant.

  • PRODUCT: Refers to information, goods or services offered for sale by a Merchant.

  • PROFESSIONAL : > Refers to any User who subscribes to the HiPay Service acting for professional purposes or as a legal person.

  • > ELECTRONIC ACCOUNT RECORDING: Refers to the electronic statement available in the User Space and on which is indicated the history of the Electronic Money transactions that have been carried out, including the transactions related to Merchant Management, and the transactions related to the Payment Service Feature offered by HPME.

  • MERCHAND REFUNDS: >Merchant Management refers to the operation by which a Merchant makes a refund in Electronic Money in favour of one of its Buyers. At the Merchant's request, the amount of the refund will be debited from the Credit Balance available in Electronic Money in his HiPay Account to be credited to his Purchaser's HiPay Electronic Money Account.

  • WITHDRAWAL: Refers to the request by a User to refund all or part of the Assets available in Electronic Money on his HiPay Account. The amount corresponding to the Withdrawal will be transferred to the User's bank account.

  • SERVICE HiPay : Refers to the Electronic Money payment service offered by HPME, as well as the Payment Service Feature offered by HPME.

  • SITE INTERNET HIPAY : > Refers to the website https://www.hipaywallet.com from which

HPME offers the HiPay Service.

  • >SITE MOBILE HIPAY or APPLICATION MOBILE HIPAY : Refers to the mobile application at from which HiPay offers a part of the HiPay Service.

  • SYSTEME HIPAY : > Refers to all the technical processes, software organization and know-how of HPME allowing the exploitation of the Operating Platform for the execution of secure transactions related to the purchase of Products over the Internet network or transfers in Electronic Money. HPME holds all intellectual property rights on the HIPAY system. The HIPAY SYSTEM also refers to technical processes, the software organization and >know-how->HPME to operate the MOBILE APPLICATION HIPAY and the link between the MOBILE APPLICATION HIPAY and the Platform of Operation.

    The Hipay system refers indistinctly to the >APPLICATION MOBILE HIPAY, the electronic purse, the merchant management to process transactions in electronic money, and the payment functionality.

1. HiPayWallet; 2. HiPayDirect.

  • TIERS BENEFICIARY : Refers to the natural person, adult or minor, to whom a User has decided to entrust the use of one of his Secondary Accounts. The use of the Secondary Account by a Third Party Beneficiary is under the sole responsibility of the User of the Main Account. Any Third Party Beneficiary of a Secondary Account shall be subject to the same obligations as those imposed on the User by these General Conditions, in particular with regard to identificationion.

  • TRANSACTION MARCHANDE : > Refers to the Order(s) that have been paid to the Merchant via the HiPay Service.

  • USER: Refers to any major natural person or legal entity that has accepted these General Terms and Conditions to be able to open a HiPay e-money account with HPME.

  • >USER STRICTLY IDENTIFIED : Refers to any User whose identity has been verified by HPME other than by simply entering the online identification form available on the HiPay Website, in accordance with the identification instructions listed in Article 5 of these General Conditions and requiring the production of identity documents or copies thereof.

TO BETWEEN HiPay ACCOUNT : >This refers to the transfer of all or part of the Available Credit in the User Space, made either to the Main Account or a Secondary Account in the same User Space, or to the Main Account or a Secondary Account in a different User Space.

ARTICLE 2 - Object and scope

HPME offers a service allowing Users with Electronic Money at HPME to instruct HPME, via the Operating Platform or Mobile Application HiPay, to execute a payment in the form of a transfer of Electronic Money to other Users, up to the balance available on the HiPay Account at the time of this instruction.

HPME also offers a payment service that allows Buyers who do not have a Currency >Electronics to make payments to Merchants through HPME systems.

The purpose of this contract is to specify the contractual relations between Users and HPME and in particular to define the roles and obligations of each and to set the financial terms and conditions inherent to the operation of the HiPay Service.

HPME may, without being liable for any compensation, make any modifications or improvements to the HiPay Service that it deems useful or necessary to ensure the continuity, development and security of its services.

ARTICLE 3 - > Contract duration

This contract comes into force at the time of acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions by the User and this for an indefinite period.

The User has a period of fourteen (14) calendar days to renounce the contract at no cost. This period runs from the day on which the contract is concluded, i.e. the day on which the User has accepted these General Terms and Conditions. During this period of waiver, the execution of the contract may only begin at the express request of the User (in particular when he requests to use the service). This right of renunciation may be exercised by the User without penalty or compensation and without stating any reason.

The User is required to notify his decision to renounce HPME by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the registered office of HPME included in the definition of Hi-Media Electronic Wallet or HPME (in introduction to these General Conditions).

If the User does not exercise his right of renunciation, the contract will be maintained in accordance with the provisions of these General Conditions.

The User expressly acknowledges and accepts that any payment instructions sent to HPME before the expiry of the waiver period constitute an express request by the User to perform the contract. The User will therefore not be entitled to cancel a payment instruction he has given and confirmed during the cancellation period.

ARTICLE 4 - Opening a user space

>The User may not open, without prior written authorization from HPME, >more than one User Space and consequently more than one Main Account.

4.1 -
Standard opening procedure

The future User who wishes to subscribe to the HiPay Service must complete a registration form in order to create a Main Account corresponding to the opening of his User Space.

The status of Individual or Professional will be attributed to the future User according to the registration form he has filled in. The User Space thus opened will be qualified either as "private individual" or "professional".

The future User accepts these General Conditions by validating the registration form for the service.

When his registration is not done through a Distributor or Agent, the future User must activate his HiPay account by clicking on the link contained in the registration confirmation email sent by HPME. This email contains his HiPay Account IDs consisting of the email address entered by the User upon registration and a temporary password issued by the HiPay System, consisting of at least six (6) numeric characters.

To finalize the opening procedure, when his registration is not carried out through a Distributor or Agent, the User must connect to the HiPay website through the activation link provided in the registration confirmation email and proceed to modify the temporary password (also provided in the registration confirmation email), so that he alone knows this new password.

The use of the Mobile Application HiPay requires avoir previously opened a User Space. >The HiPay Mobile Application is not available to Registered Users from the website of an Agent or a Distributor.

4.1.2 - Opening procedure for a proposed payment in Electronic Money

Internet users who do not yet have a HiPay Account can automatically create a HiPay account and initiate an e-money payment from this HiPay account. The completion of this payment transaction constitutes acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions.

For this purpose, the Internet user expressly authorizes HPME to carry out the following operations concurrently:

  • Take into account the credit card information to fund your HiPay Account with the transaction amount,

  • > Initiate the creation of a HiPay Account in the name of the cardholder,

  • > Proceed to payment as defined in the Order, from the same HiPay Account.

    As soon as the payment and account opening are made, the HiPay System (the Agent's system or the Distributor's system) automatically sends:

  • In the case of Merchant Management only: An email confirming the transaction to the Buyer in accordance with the provisions of article 13.1 of these General Conditions,

  • An email confirming registration in progress containing an Internet link on which he/she must click to finalize the registration procedure described in article 4.1.1. of these General Conditions.

    The Internet user must finalize the opening of his HiPay Account as soon as possible, in accordance with the provisions of article 4.1.1 of the General Conditions. Failing this, the provisions of article 21.3 of these General Terms and Conditions shall apply to the Assets.

    4.2 - Registration data

The User undertakes to update the registration data without delay so that they remain accurate, up-to-date and complete throughout the duration of this contract, and in particular, his name or company name, address and bank details.